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Quick Question

Everyone keeps raving about Divergent and I have yet to read it, nor do I really know anything about it.  Is it worth reading?

  1. by-the-hanging-tree answered: yesssssssssssss <3 <3 <3 <3
  2. thisisdayana answered: YESSSSSSS
  3. ett18 answered: YES. AMAZING BOOK. I stayed up until 4 AM to finish it! You should DEFINATELY read it! :)
  4. jeankarimloo answered: yes
  5. lucky-rival answered: You’ve got to read it!!! It’s an amazing story and I swear that you’re gonna love this book.
  6. colorfulstrawberry16 answered: I would take the time to read this book. I loved it!
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  9. katoptrisprior answered: MOST. DEFINITELY.
  10. tofiepie answered: yessssssss :’)
  11. four-ripped-his-clothes-off answered: It will rip out your heart and your soul
  12. hurricanestormseeker answered: yes
  13. m0defi answered: If you’re a fan of YA dystopia, then yes.
  14. jaces-mangoes answered: VERY MUCH SO
  15. iloveyouremembertheycanttakeit answered: Oooh yeah. Trust me, it does.
  16. ruesflower answered: Yes!
  17. freethedivergent answered: Yes :]
  18. adrianivaskov answered: yes!
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